There have been many rumours flying around about the Bega Valley Rally due to be held on 19 September 2015. Two weeks ago, the Rally Panel was notified by the Sapphire Coast Sporting Car Club that the club were no longer willing to host the rally in 2015, preferring instead to defer the event until 2016.

They are very keen to try to work with Bega Council to bring the event back to the shire roads around Bega, and feel that the use of the shire roads is critical to the success of their event. They are very confident that the event will include these iconic roads when it returns next year, but simply don’t feel that there is enough time to overcome the hurdles for this year. Whilst this is very exciting news for the 2016 Championship, it is not a happy outcome for 2015.

It was the very strong desire of the Rally Panel to work with the Event Director, Ian Slater, to put together a simple but high quality forest event in Eden for September 2015 as planned. To this end, we have spent a good deal of time and energy over the past few weeks searching for a club or management team prepared to take the event on as a promoters.

Unfortunately, we have exhausted all avenues, and have been unable to save the 2015 event. We are very disappointed that the highly anticipated event will not be taking place, as we’re sure it would have drawn a great field .
From a Championship point of view, there will now be a total of four events, not five. Unlike 2014 however, only your best three count, so if you’ve missed a round so far, don’t fret. You are still in it. The third round will be at Batemans Bay on 11 July, and the fourth and final round will be the very highly regarded Tumut Rally on 17 October.

We trust that competitors will continue to engage in the series, and we can all look forward to the continuing growth of state rallying in NSW, and bigger and better things for 2016 and beyond.  
Matthew Martin
Chairman, NSW Rally Panel