The Rally Panel

The Rally Panel is responsible for providing assistance to the NSW State Council of CAMS with the planning and administration of all rallying activities in NSW. Some of the duties of the Rally Panel include preparation of the calendar of events; co-ordination of the various rally and rallysprint series; maintaining the pointscores, seeding and grading lists; and assisting clubs in the organisation of events.

There are currently eight members on the Rally Panel – all volunteers and active participants in our sport….

John Sparkes: Chair
Lui MacLennan: Secretary
Carol Sparkes: Treasurer
Ernie Martin: Series Co-ordinator
Tim Wilkins: Series Co-ordinator
Adriana Pallister: Web Site Manager
Jim Gleeson: Pointscores and Driver Rankings
Brett Middleton: Media and Promotion

RallyNSW and our Business Partners

RallyNSW is a brand owned by CAMS and operated by the Rally Panel for the marketing and promotion of the sport.

RallyNSW is funded through partnerships with businesses, including naming rights for the various series.  RallyNSW invests the funds in marketing and promotional activities including the production of high quality videos of events, visual display material for use by organising clubs, maintaining the RallyNSW web site and Facebook page and other promotional activities and material including vehicle advertising signage.

The following businesses are partnering RallyNSW in 2017.  Please give them your custom and don’t forget to mention you appreciate their support of RallyNSW!

Gary’s Motorsport Tyres – NSW Rally Championship partner

TechWorkz Automotive – Development Rally Series partner

Premier Panel Beating – Hyundai Rally Series partner

V-Sport – Rallysprint Series partner

Current Issues

The web site

The RallyNSW web site is the primary source of information for CAMS rallying in NSW.  Adriana is progressively updating the various elements of the web site.  If you have any ideas on what information should be on the site or changes to existing information, please email your comments to and we’ll talk with you.

The pointscores and driver rankings

Upon joining the panel in April, Jim Gleeson immediately volunteered to take over these roles.  Congratulations, Jim!  He quickly set up the pointscores which are now be updated after each event.

Jim is currently making good progress on the driver rankings system which is quite complex and hasn’t been updated for many months.  The Panel apologises to competitors for the lack of recent updates, but please be patient as Jim resurrects this system.

As you would know, the primary purpose of driver rankings is to assist rally organisers seed their fields to minimise the chance of cars being caught on stage.  For this reason driver rankings are based on stage times, not finishing positions.

The Panel is looking at whether the driver ranking system can be simplified for 2018 and would welcome opinions from active competitors through

Marketing and promotion

The Panel, through Rally NSW, has invested approximately $14,000 in 2017 for quality video coverage of all Gary’s Motorsport NSWRC events and selected TechWorkz DRS, Premier Panel Beating HRS and V-Sport RSS events.  Brett is leading this activity, putting his considerable marketing and promotional experience to work.

There are a number of other exciting promotional activities in the pipeline, and we always welcome new ideas so please email us your thoughts to

East Coast Classic Rally Series

The Panel, in conjunction with the Queensland and Victorian CAMS Rally Panels, has recently announced the new East Coast Classic Rally Series, to commence in 2018.  Details are currently being developed, but the series is expected to be run in conjunction with the 2018 NSW Rally Championship together with one or two events in each of Queensland and Victoria.  Vehicle eligibility is expected to be broad so that nearly everyone with a “classic” car would be able to compete.

These plans are proving to be popular with the classic rally community and the Panel is expecting quite a few crews contesting the series in 2018.

2018 NSW Competition Conditions

The Panel has begun a review of the 2017 NSW Competition Conditions with a view to releasing 2018 conditions by October.  If you have any suggestions for the 2018 Competition Conditions, please email them to

Review of the CAMS National Rally Code

This review is currently out for comment from rally competitors.  Log on to the Rally NSW web site to find the links to the review and please have your comments submitted by 21 July 2017.

It’s all about us – the competitors and officials

The Rally Panel is manned by volunteers from our rally community.  We are passionate about our sport and our community.  Please work with us, because together we can continuously improve the unity, participation, competitiveness and enjoyment our sport.