This event will now run on Sunday 28th October

Welcome to the Macksville Auto Group, Barraganyatti Rally Sprint!
Take 2 for 2018
We always enjoy this event so much and there is something about the Competitors and the course, that
makes me happy to continue running it. Thanks to everyone involved that make running this event so easy
and satisfying.
This year I want to welcome our new sponsor, MACKSVILLE AUTO GROUP, who have been generous
enough to sponsor the event. Thank you so much.
As usual, we have the same few people to thank and that is the amazing BERNIE KEAST, BELINDA MUNRO
The Kempsey Sporting Car Club – a fantastic club to belong to, so many great events and great members, it’s
an honour to belong to you.
All the helpers that are too numerous to mention – you have my respect, gratitude and many thanks for the
great effort you all put in!
A special thank you to all our competitors… the long-standing and the new-comers, without you these
events would no longer be run!
Its really difficult to find good roads in the forests now as there is so little money for constant road works,
so we are very grateful to the Forests NSW for being so supportive of our events.
Have a great day and enjoy the event!!
Jan Munro
Clerk of the Course