The event organisers welcomes you to enter and compare yourself as a team against the worlds BEST!
As with all Rally NSW events our number ONE focus is you our customer, choose our event and our friendly team promise to deliver a fun, safe, low cost event.


Rally HQ will be based in Coffs harbour
Using the a mixture of local State forests and Shire roads. (more forest roads in 2018 than past  years)


MULTICLUB format,  (same  as all other ECCRS events)
To score points for the NSW State rally championship, you must enter the “State Championship event” (ECCRS and NSW State event are TWO SEPARATE events)


  • Rd 7 of the MTA NSW State Rally Championship
  • Rd 7 of the East Coast Classic Rally series
  • WRC event
  • ARC event

Organising team

Lead by more news soon!, the team for 2018 will be supported by TBA and many more.

NSW Rally Panel  Contact:

Should you need anything related to the series partners, the MTA and Rally panel related items
For this event the NSW Rally Panel representative is Adriana Pallister.
Adriana will be at the event.
0418 611 224