CAMS Course Checkers in NSW

Here is an up to date list of CAMS Course Checkers available in NSW:

CAMS Course Checkers

An updated Rally Event Checkers Manual and forms are now available from the CAMS Website:

CAMS Rally Event Checkers Manual

CAMS Rally Checker’s Pre-Event Report

CAMS Rally Checker’s Post-Event Report

Application for Rally or Rallysprint events in NSW.

The Rally Panel requires to be notified of ALL rally and rallysprints to be conducted in NSW (not just series events). This is an important function in helping to avoid date clashes, and work out a calendar that has room for everyone. Once the draft calendar is finalised, the CAMS office produces the calendar in both booklet form and on the CAMS website. In order to work with this deadline, this form will be mailed out to clubs in about July or August. We trust you will understand that this is a process which benefits all clubs and the sport as a whole, and we thank you for your continued co-operation.

Note – Some clubs who have rallies planned in the first half of the year, have said that they need to get their applications in to council and police earlier than the timeframe mentioned above. For this reason the rally panel will send this application form out to all clubs in April of the current year. If you have an early event, and want to get on with the planning, please apply for your date now, and we can start locking events into the calendar for you.

Application for 2018 Rally Event Date

Display Clock Hire

For 2016 The Rally Panel is paying the cost of the hire of Display Clocks for State Championship (up to 6 sets), DRS (4 sets) and RSS (1 Set). Please use the form below to order the clocks for these events. If you require clocks for non-series event, you can also use this form, but will be invoiced directly by Houghton Tech, who is the owner of the clocks.

Display Clock order Form


Vehicle Number Sets

It is a requirement that NSWRC and DRS rallies in NSW use ‘FIA’ style Vehicle numbers. Rally NSW supply professionally printed vehicle numbers FREE of charge for use in RSS, CRS and NSWRC events. We sell them for $3.25 per car set for all other events. They could be used for any event of course, not just rallies. We can also supply printed Door plates for your rally for a fraction of the normal cost. ($6.50 per car for RSS, DRS and NSWRC, and $6.50 per car for all other events). These are completely optional of course. Click on the order form below for more detail including samples.

Vehicle Number/ Rally Door Plate order Form


Here, you will find plenty of templates to help you create all of the documents for your rally. Please download the required documents and use them for your event.

Supp Regs and Entry Forms

It is a requirement of CAMS that all car clubs submit Supplementary Regulations in the same format, using the templates that are available here, for all rallies and rallysprints conducted in NSW. Starting with these templates will assist you to get some of the details right, including making sure that your classes and awards are in line with the current NSW competition conditions (for series events) and also that your regs comply with the many requirements of the NCR’s. If you wish to develop a set of Supp Regs for events that are not part of the various NSW series, there are some items which are specific to NSW championships and series which will need to be deleted or changed, such as priority of entry, discounted entry fees etc. Supp Regs templates for non-series events have not been posted here, so please start with these and modify them to suit your particular event.

CRS series events, please use the following templates:

2018 CRS Rally Supp Regs Template 2018 CRS Rally Entry Form Template

NSWRC events please use these templates:

2018 NSWRC Supp Regs Template 2018 NSWRC Entry Form Template

NSW Rallysprint Series please use these templates:

2018 NSW RSS Supp Regs Template 2018 NSW RSS Entry Form Template

Vehicle Signage The Supp Regs templates above contain information relating to the vehicle signage supplied by the NSW Rally Panel. The style and design of this vehicle numbering is a requirement of CAMS for all Series Rallies in NSW and  are recommended for the Rallysprint series. (Rallysprint organisers – remove appendix B if you are not using them) Organisers are free to use any supplier they wish to do their printing and are not obliged to order the stickers from the Rally Panel. These vehicle numbers may be useful for any event, not just rallies and rallysprints. If you’d like to use them please cut and paste the details from the following document into your Supp Regs, and use the order form which is under the ‘Forms’ tab.

Vehicle Signage Explanation

Road Books

Road Book – Route Instructions Disclaimer

Abbreviations for Road Book

Tulip Symbols Used

Incident Report

Notification of Withdrawal from Rally

Event Management Forms

From June 2015 it has been a requirement of CAMS that all rallies and rallysprints run in NSW that form part of a series (except events where the ARC is present) use the same event forms, using the templates that are saved here. The purpose of this approach is:

  • Provide consistency across events for competitors. (road cards all look the same etc)
  • Reduce necessity to retrain officials (control paperwork is familiar)
  • Ensure positive tracking is in use at all events. (position on road)
  • Reduce workload for organisers. (there are hundreds of hours of work saved here – why reinvent the wheel?)
  • Reduce workload for event checkers, and provide a more consistent approach to event checking.
  • Consistent approach to safety plans including spectator safety protocols.
  • Proven formula that’s competitor friendly.

Time Cards

Stage Amber Form

Stage Green Form

Stage Clear Form

Stage Amendment Form

Acknowledgement Form

Incident Report

Safety Plan

Rally Spectator Safety Procedures

Pre Event Checkers Report

Post Event Checkers Report

Media Accreditation Form

Service Crew Registration

 Disclaimer for the Removal of Vehicle from Parc Ferme

Equipment Allocation

Information for Officials

Emergency Contact Sheet

Traffic Management Plan Template

Control Cards

Control Card – Time Control Stage Start

Control Card – Time Control – Section Start

Control Card – SOS Competitor Tracking

Control Card – Flying Finish – Stop Point

Control Card – Time Control – Section End


Control Location Boards
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