Driver seeding lists are a tool to assist organisers to seed their events. Events are seeded for safety reasons only. Seeding should not be a contest, nor should it ever be a point of contention. It’s to stop cars catching each other in the stages. Organisers are not obliged to accept the seeding order from this list. They may take into account other factors as well.

The Rally Panel also uses the Rally Seeding List to determine eligibility for the DRS. If your name is on the Rally Seeding List at or below 91, (at the start of the year) then you are eligible for DRS in that vehicle. If you wish to compete in the DRS and your name is not on the list, or if you wish to compete in the DRS in a different vehicle, please contact the Rally Panel and we will assign you a seeding number specific to the vehicle you are intending to use.

Rally Seeding List – 25/6/16


Rallysprint Seeding List – 25/6/16

So, how is seeding calculated?

We refine our seeding system all the time, but the basic premise is the same. It compares stage times – whether or not you finish events is irrelevant. The system drops stage times if they are significantly slower than your normal seeding. The result for that event is then multiplied by an event strength co-efficient to derive a score for that event. Your best 2 of your last 3 scores are averaged to make up your overall seeding. Seeding is reduced by 1 point for each full year you don’t compete.

In accordance with the 2017 NSW Rally Organising and Competition Conditions, you can nominate one event per year which does not count towards your seeding if you wish to. That has to be done BEFORE the event.


State Champions

1960Leigh MoorePat LawlessHolden
1961Barry FergusonAnthony (Tony) DenhamVW
1962Barry FergusonAnthony (Tony) DenhamVW
1963Barry FergusonAnthony (Tony) DenhamVW
1964Barry FergusonDave JohnsonVW
1965Greg GarrardFrank GoulbournHolden 179
1966Greg GarrardFrank GoulbournHolden 179
1967Doug ChivasLindsay AdcockAlfa Romeo Giulia
1968Max WinklessNigel CollierVolvo 142S
1969Not Contested
1970Barry FergusonDave JohnsonHolden Torana GTR
1971Barry FergusonGeorge SheppeardHolden Torana XU1
1972Barry FergusonGeorge SheppeardMitsubishi Galant 1600
1973Barry FergusonWayne GregsonMitsubishi Galant 1600
1974Arthur JacksonPeter GoddenDatsun 160
1975Ian HillPeter Godden/Graham RoserMitsubishi Lancer GSR
1976Dave MorrowGeorge SheppeardHolden Gemini
1977Arthur JacksonPeter GoddenDatsun 1600
1978Mike BattenSteve OwersDatsun P510
1979Peter HoughtonJim WilliamsonDatsun 1600
1980Mike BattenSteve OwersDatsun P510
1981Wayne BellDave BoddyHolden Commodore
1982Mike Batten/Peter ClarkRay StubbsDatsun P510
1983Peter ClarkMick HarkerDatsun Stanza
1984John AtkinsonStephen RobertsonSubaru RX
1985Mark HankinsonSteve OwersDatsun 1600
1986David EadieChris ShearerDatsun 1600
1987Greg BrownChris ShearerDatsun 1600
1988Steve CoxJason LeaDatsun 240Z
1989Arthur JacksonPeter HarrisDatsun 1600
1990George KahlerJayne AnnabelMazda 323
1991Paul KennedyKen BehrendToyota Sprinter
1992Craig StallardGraham JesseMitsubishi Galant VR4
1993Ron CremenChris RandellMitsubishi Lancer Evo
1994Michael GuestDavid GreenMitsubishi Lancer Evo I
1995Paul KennedyKen BehrendMitsubishi Lancer Evo
1996Rick Bates/John LongJenny Brittan/Damian LongCelica GT4/Lancer Evo IV
1997Miles SandyMichelle MurphySubaru WRX Sti
1998Miles SandyMichelle MurphySubaru WRX Sti
1999John MitchellCol TrinderMitsubishi Lancer Evo
2000Miles SandyRachel BrutyMitsubishi Lancer Evo
2001Chris GiddinsScott MitchellhillMitsubishi Lancer Evo II
2002Brad GoldsboroughVictoria CourtneySubaru WRX
2003Chris GiddinsKen HowellMistubishi Lancer Evo II
2004Mitch HeffernanBernie WebbSubaru WRX
2005Michael BoadenKam BakerMitsubishi Lancer Evo VII
2006Michael BoadenHelen CheersMitsubishi Lancer Evo VII
2007Michael BoadenHelen CheersMitsubishi Lancer Evo VII
2008Steve ForsbergSue SouthMitsubishi Lancer Evo VI
2009Nigel Shellshear/Matt AmosPaul FletcherMitsubishi Lancer Evo III
2010John MitchellJo CadmanMitsubishi Lancer Evo VII
2011Peter RobertsBrian EveringhamMitsubishi Lancer Evo
2012Mick HardingKirrilee GentlemanSubaru WRX Sti
2013Chris GiddinsDamian GrahameMitsubishi Lancer Evo VI
2014Meng ChungCaroline ValeHonda Integra
2015Nathan QuinnDamian GrahameMitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 / Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6
2016Nathan QuinnAndrew Crowley

Development Rally Series Winners

2014Brett BowerKatie FletcherToyota Celica
2015Ian WilsonNigel WaltersToyota Celica / Nissan Silvia S13
2016Michael ValantineErin Valantine

4WD Development Rally Series Winners

2015Andrew MaurerKristy TurnbullEvo III / WRX
2016Mark BeardMark Willard

Hyundai Excel Rally Series Winners

2005Glenn FarrantJason Wood
2006Mick GillettMarek Dzidowski
2007Glenn FarrantAnna Ritson
2008Mick GillettBen Cullen
2009Fro Horobin / Dave RobertsKirrilee Gentleman
2010Dave RobertsKate Murphy
2011Andrei ArtamonovGleb Bonch-Osmolovskiy
2012Rhys PinterBruce Hampel
2013Rick Gray
2014Josh HydeMel McMinn
2015John CrowleyAndrew Crowley
2016Aaron MowettDarren Mowett

Clubman Series Winners

1985Warren RidgePaul Bailey
1986Paul Kennedy/Andrew CottamKen Behrend/Sally Roosendaal
1987Greg CottamSally Roosendaal
1988Jack WrightmanJason LeaDatsun 240Z
1989Steve AnnabellPeter HarrisDatsun 1600
1990Steve AnnabellJayne AnnabelDatsun 240Z
1991Richard OpieSusan JonesDatsun 1600
1992Phil LyonsJohn Lawrence
1993Craig KenchingtonGregg RiggDatsun 1600
1994Brett BowerIan MaherToyota Corolla
1995Tony CreerCraig ParryMazda RX2
1996Brendan O'RyanDave HillMazda 323
1997Shaun AtkinsonDave HillMitsubishi Evo2
1998Sean KellyDale MoscatMazda RX7
1999Chris GiddinsScott MitchellhillMazda RX7
2000Campbell WallerRita ThompsonMitsubishi VR4
2001Dean RidgeJoy RidgeMazda 323
2002Brad GoldsbroughVictoria CourtenayDatsun 1600
2003Brett WrightRobert EdwardsDatsun 180B SSS
2004(South) Simon Gibbons
(North) Craig Kenchington
(South) Michael Heselwood
(North) Greg Denton
2005Emanuele MazzeiGraham EllulMitsubishi VR4
2006Peter JerieScott FletcherMitsubishi VR4
2007Simon GibbonsMichael HeslewoodMitsubishi VR4
2008Scott JacksonRoss JacksonDatsun 1600
2009Brent MoneyMatthew SosimenkoLancer Evo 2
2010Dennis StandfordRussell TaylorDatsun Stanza
2011David SkeltonAndrew CrowleyMazda Rx7
2012Andrew CrowleyNicole CrowleyMitsubishi Lancer LA
2013Stephen DuthieDamien HannsDatsun 180B

Gemini Rally Series Winners

1992Rod TurnbullBrad Armstrong
1993Rod TurnbullBrad Armstrong
1994Rod TurnbullBrad Armstrong
1995Derek Bayliss
1996Rick Woskett
1997Ian MenziesMelinda Hungerford
1998Stewart WilkinsAndrew Chapman
1999Stewart Corner
2000Wayne ParsonsScott Mostram
2001Andrew MartinScott Gurney
2002David WitherdenTed Witherden
2004Paul BattenJohn Anderson
2005Craig FranklinDavid White
2006Adam PhilipsNick Bell
2007Tim WilkinsScott Jackson