2018 Clubman Series Calendar


The Techworkz Clubman Rally Series will consist of relaxed, highly social events designed for competitors who prefer basic rallies without the use of pace notes.
All events will be single day events, structured to minimise time and reduce costs to competitors.
In a lot of cases, these events will be able to be contested without the need for overnight accommodation.


The Clubman Rally Series will cater to all levels of rallying, with the following categories at each event:

  • Clubman – similar to the 2017 Development Rally Series, for experienced competitors with a seeding cut-off to restrict the fastest State-level competitors.
  • Development – a new category specifically designed to encourage more Novice crews to participate in rallying.
    The Development category will be restricted to competitors with limited experience in the sport, with an appropriate seeding cut-off.
    The category will enable novice crews to compete in the same events as more the experienced crews, who can act as advisors and mentors.
  • Hyundai – this will be a Series in its own right for the popular Hyundai Excels providing budget, low-stress rallying for all driver levels.
    This is highly recommended as a budget, entry level series.
  • Open – for those crews whose driver seeding exceeds the cut-off for Clubman competitors.
    The NSW Rally Panel would prefer these competitors to contest the NSW  Rally  Championship, but recognises a growing demand by top level competitors to contest a series of basic, low-cost events.
    This category won’t have the prestige of the Clubman, Development or Hyundai categories but its winners will receive some end-of-year recognition.


With a modest PR budget, every event has a cash budget (provided by the NSW Rally Panel) to support event organisers to generate video footage, focusing only on registered crews.

Each event has its own results and the series is promoted independently of any other series.


All events will be run under CAMS multi club rules.
A more relaxed, lower cost system than the NSW State Rally Championship.
HANS devices, full driving suits and so on, are encouraged, but not compulsory.


All events are blind and pace noted events are not allowed.


Every entrant scores points automatically by just entering the event.


Follow the registration link to save more than $20 PER EVENT.


Registration in 2018 year brings a whole new set of benefits:

* Discounted entry fee of $20 or more per event.
* Inclusion in the PR for the event and series.
* Featured updates on the Facebook page.
* Featured updates on You Tube.
* Video inclusion (where event budget is utilised)
* Costs are only $20 for the year. (Do one rally and you recover your rego fee and get the benefits free.)
* Go to the Register tab for more information

2018 Open Series Calendar

  • Welcome As in past years the 2018 event will continue its relaxed friendly atmosphere. Highlights of the event will include: High quality roads for a total competitive distance of 130 km across 3 State Forests Central Service Park at the Leagues Club with coffee van and hot food all day long… and camping permitted Savings for […]

  • Welcome to the Kempsey Sporting Car Club’s Cellarbrations West Kempsey Rally.  After last year’s event was postponed due to poor weather and then eventfully re- run under marginally better conditions, we are optimistic that this year’s event will be bigger and better. With new sponsors and head quarters it looks assured to be a success.  […]

  • Welcome to the 2018 APS Myall Lakes Rally The Nissan Datsun Drivers’ Club welcome the return of APS AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION & POWER STEERING SPECIALIST as the event major sponsor. Visit their website apsautomatics.com.au.  APS is located in Richmond and they specialise in all mechanical repairs – they will make sure your tow vehicle or family […]

  • The Narooma Forest Rally returns again for 2018! Come and enjoy the best roads in NSW in a fun and laidback event which attracts some of the top competitors in rallying. The event will run in a similar format to previous years, with 6 stages mainly run in daylight due to forest residents. The event […]

  • Minidulla is back for 2018, offering some of the best roads available for rallying on the south cost of NSW in a low stress envornment. We will be running our traditional format offering possibly the best competition vs transport ratio in rallying today, all at a bargain basement price. We are also happy to announce […]

  • Welcome In 2017, the Monaro Stages was a huge success running local shire roads around Cooma. The 2018 event will continue with a similar format with the addition of forest roads. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the event will continue to be our focus. The local car club and town of Cooma have embraced […]


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