Back again in 2017, the Techworkz Development Rally Series (“DRS”) is structured with simple, single-format blind events, which will require less commitment of time and money from both organisers and competitors, while still enjoying high levels of safety, quality roads and organisation. As the second tier series in NSW rallying, the DRS is the ideal series for beginners, low-budget crews, and those of you who rally first and foremost for fun. Events in the DRS calendar are all independent of the NSWRC, freeing the series from some of the more stringent regulations applicable in the more advanced series (such as the requirement for competitors to wear Frontal Head Restraints and driving suits. They are NOT required in DRS). There are six events scheduled in the 2017 DRS calendar, highlighting some of the best rally roads that regional NSW has to offer, taking competitors to Jenolan, Clybucca, Cooma, Narooma, Myall Lakes and Ulladulla. Of the six events, all of which will be blind rallies, results from the best five will be counted for each registered competitor. The 2017 DRS series has 2 components. The 2WD section has 3 capacity classes. The DRS4 has no separate categories.  All competitors with a seeding of up to 91 are eligible to register for the series and score points, but anyone is welcome to compete at DRS events. There is no requirement that competitors officiate to earn points. The single-day events in this series have a strong focus on the social aspect of the sport. It is hoped that competitors will be able to travel to the event on the Saturday morning, compete Saturday afternoon/evening, socialise in the night, and drive home Sunday morning. Nice, compact events, requiring only minimal accommodation expenses. Registration for the series costs $20 for the year (subsequent series that you register for are only $10). Registered competitors will be eligible for a discounted entry fee to all events in the series of at least $20. You will need to register before entries close for an event in order to score points.

The Hyundai Rally Series contests the same events as the DRS.

Have a look at some awesome 2017 Techworkz Development Rally Series footage:


2017 Competition Conditions

For the Club Rally Car Regulations, see the section on <a href=”http://www.rallynsw.com.au/info/regulations/”>Vehicle Eligibility</a>


Register Now

The above link will take you to the secure on-line registration process at the CAMS website. This is the only option for registration for the NSW Rally Championship, Development Rally Series, Hyundai Rally Series or Rallysprint Series.

In order to score points in the Development Rally Series or the 4WD Development Rally Series, a Driver/Co-driver must register with the NSW Rally Panel by the close of entries for that event. It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure that forms and payment are received in full and in time. The Registration Fee for 2017 is $20 (including GST) for the first series and $10.00 (including GST) for each additional series. Once you are registered for a series, you will be eligible for discounted entry fees to each round of that series. Why wouldn’t you register? Please refer to the 2017 NSW Rally Organising and Competition Conditions for further information on the 2017 Development Rally Series / 2017 4WD Development Rally Series.

List of Competitors Registered for the 2017 Techworkz Development Rally Series and the 2017 Techworkz 4WD Development Rally Series

The list below is periodically updated to reflect new registrations.

Date Registered
Craig KenchingtonDRS10/1/17
Ernie MartinDRS17/1/17
Robert MalesDRS417/1/17
Darren SpinksDRS417/1/17
Doug GrimesDRS30/1/17
Mick EllisDRS31/1/17
Jack WightmanDRS2/2/17
Andy PierceDRS4/2/17
Leigh PierceDRS4/2/17
Evan BollardDRS7/2/17
Stephen BeaufoyDRS7/2/17
Michael PinckhamDRS10/2/17
Mark FrenchDRS12/2/17
Monique FrenchDRS12/2/17
Will GarlandDRS12/2/17
Tara MowettDRS12/2/17
Glenn InksterDRS11/2/17
Bob MooreDRS11/2/17
David GrayDRS11/2/17
Andrew CrowleyDRS11/2/17
Peter LavisDRS14/2/17
Tom LavisDRS14/2/17
Nigel WaltersDRS/DRS411/2/17
John CrowleyDRS11/2/17
Brett BollardDRS413/2/17
Jason GiddinsDRS411/2/17
Katie FletcherDRS411/2/17
Bethany CullenDRS411/2/17
Dennis StanfordDRS16/2/17
John NewtonDRS418/2/17
Shane ClarkeDRS418/2/17
Mel McMinnDRS418/2/17
Justin GoodreidDRS420/2/17
Paul BrennanDRS/DRS423/2/17
Paul BaileyDRS424/2/17
Anthony WilcocksonDRS1/3/17
Richard CornerDRS41/3/17
Stewart CornerDRS41/3/17
Bill FryDRS42/3/17
Terry GunterDRS2/3/17
Ian HillDRS4/3/17
Phillip BonserDRS4/3/17
Steven WellsDRS6/3/17
Darren MowettDRS8/3/17
Aaron MowettDRS8/3/17
David WilliamsDRS9/3/17
Cody BennettDRS9/3/17
Neil RoedigerDRS421/3/17
Mikhail LacsinaDRS21/3/17
Peter EwingDRS21/3/17
Kelly CaruanaDRS21/3/17
Erin ValantineDRS21/3/17
Michael ValantineDRS21/3/17
Mark MorisonDRS21/3/17
Sid SparkesDRS23/3/17
Bruce DurhamDRS23/3/17
Geoff HornDRS25/3/17
Carla MooreDRS29/3/17
Robert InallDRS29/3/17
Scott FletcherDRS30/3/17
Brett BowerDRS31/3/17
Timothy WilkinsDRS31/3/17
Karina MoloneyDRS31/3/17
Jean PapillardDRS31/3/17
Adriana PallisterDRS1/4/17
Adam CasmiriDRS1/4/17
Mark TurnbullDRS2/4/17
Tegan McCormackDRS2/4/17
Amanda WilliamsDRS44/4/17
Tim JoassDRS44/4/17
Richard ThomasDRS4/4/17
Bruce ClarkDRS4/4/17
John JoynerDRS12/4/17
Jake McIlroyDRS412/2/17
Tara RogersDRS412/2/17
Thomas DermodyDRS15/4/17
Colin PogsonDRS7/5/17
David GoughDRS26/5/17
Peter JoassDRS30/5/17
Wayne MeyerDRS1/6/17
Damien FrizellDRS11/6/17
Todd McDonaldDRS12/6/17
Kellie PierceDRS5/6/17
Bruce McDougallDRS5/6/17
Timothy WoodsDRS19/6/17
Matthew JamesDRS19/6/17
Mark KentDRS422/6/17
Paul MountfordDRS423/6/17
Wayne BormanDRS28/6/17
Aaron CasmiriDRS8/7/17
Peter ThompsonDRS9/7/17
Andrew ChapmanDRS11/7/17
Nicole O'NeillDRS11/7/17
David BoydDRS13/7/17
Matthew ReidDRS19/7/17
Stuart BaverstockDRS46/8/17
Michael PickhamDRS13/8/17
John NewtonDRS22/8/17
Peter MoseleyDRS7/9/17
Col FletcherDRS28/9/17
Zeb CatoDRS25/10/17
Maisie PlaceDRS30/10/17

2017 Competition Conditions

For the Club Rally Car Regulations, see the section on <a href=”http://www.rallynsw.com.au/info/regulations/”>Vehicle Eligibility</a>