The MTA NSW Rally Championship is the premier series in the NSW rally calendar with seven events, and a new naming rights partner for 3 years: Motor Traders’ Association of NSW.

With 7 events, the 4 best counting, and events from as far North as Border Ranges or as far south as Mitta Mitta in Victoria, as well as the Kennards Rally Australia WRC, there is every reason to enter.

Each event will have two heats (like the Victorian state series) so if  you DNF in the first stage you can re-start heat two and still score points towards the series!


For this series the NSW Rally Panel Co-Ordinator is Tim Wilkins.
Phone: 0404 321205
Any question based on the series overall should be directed to Tim, but for individual events, please see the separate event page for the event key contact people.


With a healthy PR budget, every event will feature TWO fully edited videos produced professionally, focusing only on registered crews.


Features a mix of blind and pace-noted events, giving competitors additional challenges and the opportunity to perfect their skills.


Every entrant scores points automatically by just entering the events.
Each event will be split into two heats, solely for the purpose of allocating Series points.
Series points will be split evenly between the two heats.
The heats won’t impact on results for the individual events.
If a crew DNFs one heat and finishes the other, they will still be classed as a non-finisher for the event, but will at least receive some Series points.


Follow the registration link to save more than $20 PER EVENT.


Registration in 2018 year brings a whole new set of benefits:

* Discounted entry fee of $20 or more per event.
* Inclusion in the PR for the event and series.
* Featured updates on the Facebook page.
* Featured updates on You Tube.
* Video inclusion, every event will have registered team included where possible.
* Costs are only $20 for the year. (Do one rally and you recover your rego fee and get the benefits free.)
* Go to the Register tab for more information

2018 State Series Calendar

  • Welcome As in past years the 2018 event will continue its relaxed friendly atmosphere. Highlights of the event will include: High quality roads for a total competitive distance of 130 km across 3 State Forests Central Service Park at the Leagues Club with coffee van and hot food all day long… and camping permitted Savings for […]

  • Welcome Supplementary Regulations have been released for what will be a joint round of the 2018 MTA (Motor Traders of NSW) NSW Rally Championship, as well as the Focus on Furniture and Bedding Victorian Rally Championship. The incorporated Mitta Masters for classic cars and competitors returns this year also as a round of the fledgling […]

  • Message from the Clerk of Course: Introduction: The Gold Coast Tweed Motorsporting Club Inc. invites competitors and officials to the iconic Brakes Direct Border Ranges Rally (BDBRR). The organisers have attempted to offer a rally that is ‘not the norm’ and hopefully cater for a multitude of differing competitor’s wants and desires. The supplementary regulations […]

  • Welcome As in past years the 2018 event will continue its relaxed friendly atmosphere. Our number ONE focus is you our customer, choose our event and our friendly team promise to deliver a fun, safe, low cost event. Location Rally HQ will again be based at the Eastern side of Batemans Bay at Corrigans Beach reserve Click this […]

  • Welcome A new event for 2018 , this event will continue its relaxed friendly atmosphere, brought to you by the organising team of the 2017 Myall Lakes Stages. Location & Ceremonial Start The rally HQ, ceremonial start and servicing will take place at the brand new and spacious Jack Arrow Complex, Rugby League Ground, Hereford […]

  • Welcome In 2017, the Monaro Stages was a huge success running local shire roads around Cooma. The 2018 event will continue with a similar format with the addition of forest roads. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the event will continue to be our focus. The local car club and town of Cooma have embraced […]


2018 Competition Conditions are coming soon!


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Competitors Registered for the 2018 NSW Rally Championship:

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2018 Competition Conditions are coming soon!