Being the second oldest Rally Championship in the world, the Gary’s Motorsport Tyres NSW Rally Championship (“NSWRC”) is also the most prestigious amateur rallying series in Australia. In 2017, competitors will travel all over the State – from the fast shire roads of Glen Innes, to the iconic event in the Australian Capital, to the stunning southern coastal town of Batemans Bay, to finally join the best rally drivers in the world at the WRC round in Coffs Harbour - to battle for the title over 4 fantastic events on a great variety of roads, including coastal, shire, forest and high-country. The series is open to all CAMS eligible rally cars and features an even mix of blind and pace-noted events, giving competitors additional challenges and the opportunity to perfect their skills.

Registration for the series is open now, and costs only $20 for the year. As an added benefit, registered competitors will be entitled to a special, discounted entry fee of at least $20 to all events, as well as other special offers throughout the year.

The NSWRC kicks off with the Rally of New England on 4th March, and concludes with Rally Australia on November 18. Download a copy of the 2017 Competition Conditions here, to see all of the eligibility requirements for the 2017 Gary’s Motorsport Tyres NSW Rally Championship.

Register Now

The above link will take you to the secure on-line registration process at the CAMS website. This is the only option for registration for the NSW Rally Championship, Development Rally Series, Hyundai Rally Series or Rallysprint Series.

In order to score points in the Gary’s Motorsport Tyres NSW Rally Championship, a Driver/Co-driver must register with the NSW Rally Panel by the close of entries for that event. It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure that forms and payment are received in full and in time.

The Registration Fee for 2017 is $20 (including GST) for the first series and $10.00 (including GST) for each additional series. Once you are registered for a series, you will be eligible for discounted entry fees to each round of that series.

Please refer to the 2017 Competition Conditions for further information on the 2017 NSW Rally Championship.

List of Competitors Registered for the 2017 Gary’s Motorsport Tyres NSW Rally Championship

The list below is periodically updated to reflect new registrations.

Date Registered
Pip Bennett31/1/17
Mick Ellis31/1/17
Mal Keough31/1/17
Kaylie Newell31/1/17
Tony Sullens24/1/17
Richard Shimmon24/1/17
Michelle Van Der Wilk24/1/17
Mark Fitton19/1/17
Carol Fitton19/1/17
Robert Males17/1/17
Darren Spinks17/1/17
Matthew Linning9/1/17
Jim Gleeson9/1/17
Craig Morrison9/1/17
Evan Bollard7/2/17
Scott McCloy5/2/17
Bre McCloy5/2/17
Stephen Beaufoy9/2/17
Ryan Preston10/2/17
Andrei Artamonov13/2/17
Brett Bollard13/2/17
Andrew Penny11/2/17
Glenn Inkster11/2/17
Katie Fletcher11/2/17
Andrew Crowley11/2/17
Bethany Cullen11/2/17
Rhys Llewellyn11/2/17
Peter Lavis14/2/17
Tom Lavis14/2/17
Nigel Walters11/2/17
Bruce Garland11/2/17
Kirra Penny11/2/17
Phillip Pluck15/2/17
Tom Clarke15/2/17
Brett Kerr16/2/17
John Leahy18/2/17
Mel McMinn19/2/17
Bryan van Eck20/2/17
Gleb Bonch-Osmolovskiy21/2/17
Peter Joass21/2/17
Tim Joass23/2/17
Paul Bailey24/2/17
Anthony Wilcockson1/3/17
Karlie Bennett1/3/17
Cody Bennett1/3/17
Peter Ewing21/3/17
Mark Morison21/3/17
Geoff Horn25/3/17
Scott Fletcher30/3/17
Thomas Dermody15/4/17
Stuart Collison24/4/17
James Thornburn25/4/17
Michael Harding25/4/17
Doug Wright1/5/17
Trevor Stilling2/5/17
Brett Stephens4/5/17
Tony Brandon4/5/17
Todd McDonald12/6/17
Paul Mountford23/6/17
Tim Wilkins13/7/17
Andrew Travis17/7/17
James Price24/7/17
Steven Fisher6/8/17
JJ Hatton8/8/17
Col Fletcher28/9/17
David Darby2/11/7
Christopher Cherry2/11/17