The V-Sport NSW Rallysprint Series (“RSS”) almost disappeared in past years, but in 2014 it was back with a BOOM and in 2017 the BOOM is getting even bigger! History has shown that the RSS is fiercely contested as crews strive to improve their pace notes and push just that little bit harder on each stage pass to extract that extra second that could mean the difference between winning or losing. We expect this series will continue to grow and expand to other areas of NSW over coming years, because the format and spirit of these events makes them so attractive to competitors. As an entry point for new drivers who then escalate into longer forms of rallying, rallysprints are a very important part of our sport. For fierce competition, short fast stages, an opportunity to take your mate, girlfriend or sponsor for a ride and value for money, the RSS is hard to beat.

Why Rallysprints?

Rallysprints are a simple, cost-effective way of getting some sideways, high speed action in a rally car. They usually consist of one or two pieces of road that are often contested in both directions to offer the crews a variety of special stages during the day. Crews get two or three opportunities to contest each special stage and the stage length varies from a minimum of 3km to a maximum of 8km. Rallysprints are a “Run-What-You-Brung” event, which means any car can be eligible. You don’t need a log book in some events or a driving suit, and you definitely DON’T require a frontal head restraint. They are the simplest and easiest way to try rallying, without the need to spend much money. Some rallysprints are run on private property, so your car doesn’t even have to be road-registered. S1 events (not part of a series) can even be run without a roll cage, so you can bring your family car or daily driver for a run, if you wish. These are even being held on Thursday nights in Sydney during the summer months. The single venue format of rallysprints also keeps the cost down for competitors as they return to the assembly/service area after each stage with ample time to refuel, change a tyre or make a minor change to the suspension set up. There are always plenty of other competitors to assist with servicing the car or to swap stories about that last hair-raising run. Many new co-drivers first experience pace in a rally car in a rallysprint. The short, familiar stages make it easy for a driver to have a novice learning to call the notes without issue.  So if you’re an experienced crew wanting some vehicle testing time or pacenote experience, or have never competed before and what to come and try, rallysprints are the perfect events for you.

Have a look at some awesome 2017 V-Sport Rallysprint Series footage:


Register Now

The above link will take you to the secure on-line registration process at the CAMS website. This is the only option for registration for the NSW Rally Championship, Development Rally Series, Hyundai Rally Series or Rallysprint Series.

In order to score points in the 2017 NSW Rallysprint Series, a Driver/Co-driver must register with the NSW Rally Panel by the close of entries for that event. It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure that forms and payment are received in full and in time. The Registration Fee for 2017 is $20 (including GST) for the first series and $10.00 (including GST) for each additional series. Once you are registered for a series, you will be eligible for discounted entry fees to each round of that series. Why wouldn’t you register? Please refer to the 2017 NSW Rally Organising and Competition Conditions for further information on the 2017 NSW Rallysprint Series.

List of Competitors Registered for the 2017 Simpson Race Products NSW Rallysprint Series

The list below is periodically updated to reflect new registrations.

Date Registered
Darrin Trigg5/1/17
Kevin Dorrough5/1/17
Craig Kenchington10/1/17
Stephen Tapner10/1/17
Ernie Martin17/1/17
Mark Fitton19/1/17
Carol Fitton19/1/17
Tony Sullens24/1/17
Ben Vanzyl25/1/17
Daniel Maurer27/1/17
Jack Hunter29/1/17
Luke Grimes30/1/17
Doug Grimes30/1/17
Mal Keough31/1/17
Pip Bennett31/1/17
Kaylie Newell31/1/17
Kellie Pearce31/1/17
Bruce McDougall31/1/17
Jack Wightman2/2/17
Reece McQuillan3/2/17
Grant McQuillan3/2/17
Evan Bollard7/2/17
Stephen Beaufoy9/2/17
Michael Pinckham10/2/17
Clayton Hoy11/2/17
Mark French12/2/17
Monique French12/2/17
Will Garland12/2/17
Tara Mowett12/2/17
Brett Bollard13/2/17
Jeffrey Williamson13/2/17
Adrian Turnbull11/2/17
Kristy Turnbull11/2/17
Glenn Inkster11/2/17
Jason Giddins11/2/17
Katie Fletcher11/2/17
Andrew Crowley11/2/17
Nigel Walters11/2/17
David Opie15/2/17
Brett Kerr16/2/17
Luke Sweeney16/2/17
Rob Monk16/2/17
John Newton18/2/17
Shane Clarke18/2/17
Justin Goodreid20/2/17
Paul Bailey24/2/17
Anthony Wilcockson1/3/17
Richard Corner1/3/17
Stewart Corner1/3/17
Karlie Bennett1/3/17
Cody Bennett1/3/17
Ian Hill4/3/17
Phillip Bonser4/3/17
Blair Hallberg6/3/17
Angus Fraser8/3/17
David Williams9/3/17
Jordan Bennett9/3/17
Geoff Horn25/3/17
Brett Bower31/3/17
John Joyner14/4/17
Jake McIlroy12/2/17
Tara Rogers12/2/17
Thomas Dermody15/4/17
Stuart Collison24/4/17
Paul Mountford23/6/17
Nick Wills29/8/17