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The V-Sport NSW Rallysprint Series is a excellent low cost format of relaxed rallying . 2wd turbo cars don’t need restrictors (if you have a turbo 4wd and want  to score points you need a restrictor) and events are typically single venue on private properties or state forest and shire roads.
7 events, the 4 best counting, will determine the results.


With a modest PR budget, registered crews will benefit from PR and videos, depending on the individual events budget
Each event has its own results and the series is promoted independently of any other series.


Each event allows crews to choose, giving competitors additional challenges and the opportunity to perfect their skills.


Every entrant scores points automatically by just entering the S2 events.
(s1 event entries [if offered] do  not score points)


Follow the registration link to save more than $20 PER EVENT.


Registration in 2018 year brings a whole new set of benefits:

* Discounted entry fee of $20 or more per event.
* Inclusion in the PR for the event and series.
* Featured updates on the Facebook page.
* Featured updates on You Tube.
* Video inclusion, every event will have registered team included where possible where the event has a budget allocated.
* Costs are only $20 for the year. (Do one rally and you recover your rego fee and get the benefits free.)
* Go to the Register tab for more information

What is a Rallysprint?

Rallysprints are a simple, cost-effective way of getting some sideways, high speed action in a rally car.
They usually consist of one or two roads that are often contested in both directions to offer the crews a variety of special stages during the day.
Crews get two or three opportunities to contest each special stage and the stage length varies from a minimum of 3km to a maximum of 8km.
Rallysprints are a “Run-What-You-Brung” event, which means almost any car can be eligible.
You don’t need a log book (although where a log book has been issued it shall be presented at the event)  or a driving suit, and you don’t require a frontal head restraint.
They are the simplest and easiest way to try rallying, without the need to spend much money.
Some rallysprints are run on private property, so your car doesn’t even have to be road-registered.

S1 Rallysprint events

Are not part of a the NSW series. (but may be offered at the same time as the S2 V Sport series event)
These can even be run without a roll cage, and no restrictor, so you can bring your family car or daily driver for a run, if you wish.
These are even being held on Thursday nights in Sydney during the summer months.
The single venue format of rallysprints also keeps the cost down for competitors as they return to the assembly/service area after each stage with ample time to refuel, change a tyre or make a minor change to the suspension set up.
There are always plenty of other competitors to assist with servicing the car or to swap stories about that last hair-raising run.
Many new co-drivers first experience pace in a rally car in a rallysprint.
The short, familiar stages make it easy for a driver to have a novice learning to call the notes without issue.
So if you’re an experienced crew wanting some vehicle testing time or pacenote experience, or have never competed before and what to come and try, rallysprints are the perfect events for you.

S2 Rallysprint events

These are part NSW series. (to score points in the NSW Rallysprint series you need to enter a S2 type event)
Similar to above, a S2 event needs a
+ Roll cage
+ Turbo Restrictor on turbo 4wd cars.

2017 V-Sport Rallysprint Series footage:

  • Round 1 of the 2018 NSW Rallysprint Series.

  • Welcome: Welcome to the 2018 Coffs Coast Rallysprint.  As in past years, the 2018 event will continue its relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Prizes: For the 2018 event,  our local “Australian Rally Champ” Nathan Quinn from Goodyear Coffs Harbour, has offered $500 prize money: 1st Place will receive $300 2nd Place will receive $150 3rd Place […]

  • WAC are proud to bring you the 2018 Ross Giddins Memorial Rallysprint. The car club and its members welcome all competitors to the event especially to celebrate the memory of Ross Giddins, a man who is remembered fondly by all who knew him and who loved rallying and the car club. The Ross Giddins Memorial Rallysprint is a […]

  • THE EVENT In 2015, the Volksmuller Rallysprint at Sydney Dragway ran for the first time, attracting a full field of competitors due to its proximity to Sydney, low travel costs and great roads. Every event since then has had a capacity field of 60 teams. The North Shore Sporting Car Club has continued listen to all […]

  • WELCOME The 2018 Hastings Rally Sprint will be located in a different location to recent years. Running on Saturday 13th October, the first available weekend utilising daylight savings, allows the running of the event entirely in daylight. Located within the Burrawan Forest, 22min south of the Port Macquarie town centre makes it a easy access […]

  • This event will now run on Sunday 28th October Welcome to the Macksville Auto Group, Barraganyatti Rally Sprint! Take 2 for 2018 We always enjoy this event so much and there is something about the Competitors and the course, that makes me happy to continue running it. Thanks to everyone involved that make running this […]

  • Unfortunately this event will no longer run in 2018 and has been cancelled    

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