Dear Rally Organiser,

Please find below an Application to conduct a Rally / Rallysprint / Road event in NSW in 2019.
The Rally Panel requests applications be submitted for ALL Rally and Rallysprint events, including multi-club, closed to club and introductory events. This is not limited to Series events. Doing so ensures that we can all work cohesively and avoid calendar clashes with other clubs.
Series events in 2019 will be as follows:
NSW Rally Championship
East Coast Classic Rally Series (normally combined with NSWRC)
Clubman/Development/Hyundai/Open Rally Series (combined)
NSW Rallysprint Series

If your club intends to conduct more than one Rally Event during 2019, then please submit an individual form for each event. Should your event have any special requirements, eg a special date due to a significant event in the Club’s history, Council or Forestry requirements, etc, please make this clear with your application so that the Rally Panel can take this into account. In all cases, please include optional dates and list them in order of preference.

The Applications need to be returned no later than Saturday 15 September 2018. Any late application for a Series event may not be considered for inclusion in the relevant Series.

If you are planning an event in the first half of 2019, please submit your application as soon as you can. Doing this may allow the Rally Panel to lock your date in for you, so that you can get on with applying for permissions etc, rather than waiting for the full calendar to be released later in 2018.
Please email your application to the Rally Panel Secretary on

If you wish to discuss your plans for 2019 please don’t hesitate to call me.
The NSW Rally Panel thanks you in advance for your application and looks forward to the inclusion of your event(s) on the 2019 calendar.

Yours sincerely
John Sparkes Chair – CAMS NSW Rally Panel

(02) 9484 1195

0428 910 025

Application for 2019 Rally Events