The organisers of the Mitta Mountain Rally want to make it an enjoyable experience for those competitors from NSW. A summary of key differences between normal practice at NSW state championship events and what occurs at Mitta was provided last year, and has been updated below for this year. The differences are not major, although the penalties on road sections in Victoria did catch out a few in 2018.

Series Registration and Eligibility

Competitors register for NSWRC and ECCRS in order to obtain entry discount and be part of a series database, and are automatically eligible for series points if enter a NSWRC or ECCRS round. Competitors do not have to register for VRC, and can elect on the entry form to not be considered for series points. In both states competitors must carry series sponsor signage to be eligible for series points.


Scrutiny is not provided for at the start of the event. Regional scrutineering must be arranged by those unable to make it to official scrutiny in Melbourne on the Wednesday prior to the event. Turbo sealing can be conducted at the start of the event by prior arrangement with the Chief Scrutineer.

Vehicle Eligibility

Eligibility to enter is as per NRC for both states. While eligibility for series points is a matter for each state, out of interest both states go further than the NRC and restrict FIA Group S1600 from scoring state championship points, while Victoria also adds Group G2 to that category.


Refuelling can only occur in the refuel zone adjacent to the service park. Time is allowed to refuel on the road section leaving the start and each time leaving the service park. This prevents refuelling being rushed while other pressing work may be required during service sections. There will be no need for remote refuel zones at Mitta.

Penalties on Road Sections

In Victoria the penalty for late arrival at a Time Control is 5 seconds per minute late, as per the NRC. This has not been found to cause any public relations issues in Victoria.

Final Results

For Mitta, provisional results are posted at 1900 and made final at 1930 if no protests received. This allows awards to be presented at the post event function on the same day. Competitors need to check their times on the scoreboard in Rally HQ.

Series Sponsor Decals

Series decals are a matter for each State. Both states require series sponsor decals to be placed on the front mudguards on both sides. Any competitor doing both championships will need to fit both decals into the allocated space. VRC also requires placing of a decal on the top of the front windscreen.

Event Decals

Small car numbers are placed on top passenger side front and rear windscreens, as for NSW. In Victoria larger car numbers are placed on the rear side windows, and not as part of the door panel. A traditional small “I love Mitta Mitta” decal will be placed on the bottom centre rear windscreen.

Display Clocks

These are not used in Victoria. Competitors can use the Rallysafe unit time, which is linked to rally clock time to judge when to enter Time Controls.

Media Day

There will be no media day at Mitta.

Of course there will be other idiosyncrasies, some written, some not, that have not been covered here, but hopefully the above eases the trauma of crossing the Murray River into the Deep South!