Honouring the 50th Anniversary of the
1968 London to Sydney Marathon
Location: Sky Lounge, Club Paceways
Cnr. Ransley and Station Streets, Penrith NSW
Saturday Dec 1 2018, 2 – 7 pm

We will celebrate the 1968 London to Sydney Marathon and the thirteen
trans-continental long distance events that followed.
1970, 1974 and 1995 World Cup Rallies
1977, 1993, 2000, 2004 and 2014 London to Sydney (and reverse) Marathons and
1997, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 Peking to Paris Rallies.

All NSW rally enthusiasts are welcome to come along.
• Will Hagon and John Smailes will be encouraging commentary from participants from these events.
• Ian Vaughan, Barry Ferguson, Jim Reddiex, Ross Dunkerton, Bob Watson, Gerry Crown, Geoff
Olholm, John Doble, Mark Pickering and Dave Boddy have indicated that they will be available.
• There will be a presentation during the afternoon to Colin Bond, Barry Ferguson and Gerry Crown
who are being honoured as Life Members of the HRC.
• Copies of ‘Race across the World’, the latest book on the 68 Marathon 50 years on, will be there
(that is if the publisher makes his scheduled release date.)


All looking good to do Skype link up with Andrew Cowan during the afternoon of the Reunion.
We will be farewelling the expedition led by Laurie Mason to retrace the Australian section of the 1968
London to Sydney from the Reunion.
Their plan is to finish at Warwick Farm on Dec 18 (anniversary of the original event)
The LSM 1968 Control banner from Curnamona Homestead will be decorating the reunion display.
London to Capetown Rally 2012 will be added to our list of Transcontinental Long Distance events with
Australian crews.

Attendance will be by bookings only made on the registration form on the HRC website at hrcnsw.org.au
Look under ‘Future Functions’.

Bookings to be sent to Starr Mifsud, HRC Special Events Officer 0418 621 304
mifsudstarr@gmail.com by Nov 1, 2018

There will be the facility for a limited number of display vehicles from the events. Persons with vehicles
that they wish to display should contact Teddy Webber on teddywebber@bigpond.com.au 0407 499 602
General Enquiries: Dave Johnson 0428 299443 david@nswrallyheritage.com (Unavailable Oct 3 to Oct 18)