Motorsport Australia NSW S1 Rallysprint Series Announced for 2022!

It is with great excitement the Motorsport Australia NSW Rally Panel wishes to announce the reintroduction of a Rallysprint Series for 2022.  “This Series will deliver a real boost to the grassroots of the sport, taking it from strength to strength.” said Adriana Pallister, Chair of the NSW Rally Panel.  She added, “Everybody loves rallying, they just don’t know it yet!”  The intent is to attract new competitors to the sport by making the cost of competing as minimal as possible and reducing other barriers to entry.  The Series will be run on gravel surfaces though this time it will be for S1 Rallysprints which allows for reduced requirements for specific apparel and vehicle equipment due to a mandated maximum average speed of 70km/h controlled by the design of the course.  Regardless, competitors are still highly encouraged to utilise recommended safety apparel, such as Frontal Head Restraints, and rollover protection.

Competitors will be broken into three categories, namely Novice, Development and Open.  Novice is intended for absolute newcomers to the sport and Development is for those with a small amount of experience.  Open is then available to all other competitors though the primary focus will be on the first two categories.

Results will contribute to the NSW Rally Seeding List, so for those competitors who do well and wish to transition to full rallying their Rallysprint results will be taken into account for Rally starting positions.

The Rallysprint Series will comprise seven events.  Two each at Nabiac, Raleigh Raceway and Awaba and one in the precinct of Sydney International Dragway/Sydney Motorsport Park.

The season opening event will be held on Sunday, March 6 at Nabiac, just over 3 hours from Parramatta.

Click here, for the full calendar of the S1 Rallysprint Series.

Click here, the Competition Conditions which provide details on how scoring will count towards determining the various winners and other relevant information regarding the Series.

Click here, to view the full NSW Rally calendar.