At each Rally NSW event, there are a bunch of hardworking and talented (some both) photographers out there in the forest capturing great action images and video. For these photographers, a lot of time and effort goes in to liaising with organisers, finding locations, getting to and around the event, shooting and editing their images and vision, then trying to get them out there for people to see.


This year we want to achieve more.

  • We are trying to help the photographers who regularly shoot Rally NSW events find the information they need to create great images.
  • We want to help them get their photos seen by the teams, organisers, press and public.
  • We aim to help rally crews find photos of their teams in action or perhaps someone who can help them with photos for their next sponsorship proposal.
  • And we are helping give the rally organisers the confidence that the photographers at their event are shooting in a safe and responsible manner.

We aim to encourage a culture where the ownership of images is respected. While most photographers are passionate about photography and our sport, photos should only be used and shared in ways that fairly reward the photographer, so that they can continue to provide great images to the rally community in a sustainable way.

What’s the catch? We just ask that photographers occasionally provide a couple of (watermarked) photos to Rally NSW for use on-line to promote the series.

In order to achieve the above aims, we are working on several things.

  • Provide a place that photographers, organisers and crews can find the information they need (this web page).
  • Build the framework for an on-line community for the Rally NSW Photographers.

To start with, expect to see the following over the next few weeks:

  • Rally NSW Photographers Directory
    • Names, links to websites, and intended events.
  • Rally NSW Photographers Email List
    • Allow a single point of communication for Rally NSW, photographers and event organisers.
  • Rally NSW Photographers Facebook Group
    • On-line community for photographers to share ideas, news and information.

Please keep an eye out over the next little while for developments on this page.