Registrations are open for Drivers and Co Drivers for 2019.

Click on the Register Now Button (below) which will take you to the secure on-line registration process on the CAMS website.

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This is the only option for registering for the MTA NSW Rally Championship, Clubman Rally Series, Development Rally Series, Open Rally Series, Hyundai Rally Series, East Coast Classic Rally Series and the NSW Rallysprint Series.

In 2019, all entrants in all events continue to automatically get series points if they are eligible. Make sure you read the 2019 Competition Conditions to find out which series you are eligible for.

Your registration fee helps Rally NSW to cover the costs of trophies at the years end. It does not go into general CAMS funds.


Discounted Entry Fee:

You will receive at each series event a discounted entry fee of $35 for NSWRC/ECCRS events and $20 for CRS/ORS/DRS/HRS events where the DRIVER of the crew is registered for the series BEFORE THE CLOSE OF ENTRIES for the event.

Priority Entry:

Guaranteed entry when events have full fields. Where a field is full, entries will be given first to registered Drivers AND Co-drivers, then registered Drivers and then non-registered teams.

Inclusion in Event and Series PR:

You will be included in any PR available for the event and series. This may include updates on the Rally NSW website and Facebook page.

Video Inclusion:

Every event the media team is in attendance, registered teams will be included in the footage where possible. All rounds of the MTA NSW Rally Championship will have video coverage including most ECCRS events. Similar to 2018, where the event includes multiple series then some CRS/ORS/DRS/HRS footage will be included.

Concierge Service:

All registered teams will get pre-event info, sent to them via email or SMS. Plus, a personal concierge to call should they need any help.

Event Publicity List:

You will be added to a media database with all your team details and sponsors. Once you register, you can provide us with the details you want shared to other teams, events and media outlets. This service will help the media team at events know more about you and your team and will be a great advertising tool for you to gain exposure for your team sponsors. You will be regularly updated with each revised list throughout the year.

Single Entry Form:

You will be provided a digital entry form on which to record your team’s entry details.  The entry form can be filled out once and then used for any series event (except those with online entry).  The single event entry form will save you time and make documentation at each event easier.


If you are registering for the NSWRC and/or ECCRS:
NSWRC only: $50
ECCRS only: $50
NSWRC and ECCRS: $60
Additional fee for CRS/DRS/HRS/ORS: $10
Additional fee for RSS: $10

If you are registering for the CRS/DRS/HRS/ORS (and do not want to register for the NSWRC and/or ECCRS):
CRS/DRS/HRS/ORS only: $30
Additional fee for RSS: $10

If you are registering for the RSS (and do not want to register for the NSWRC and/or ECCRS):
RSS only: $30
Additional fee for CRS/DRS/HRS/ORS; $10

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If you have any questions about Series Registration and the benefits, please email

Current List of 2019 Series Registered Competitors:

2019 Aug Registrations